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Sell my timeshare Canada is a timeshare resale company selling timeshare, points, vacation clubs and ownerships. We have advertised and sold all the various timeshare, points and vacation club related products. When it comes to selling timeshare, points or vacation clubs, there's no smarter or more affordable choice than Sell My Timeshare Canada.CA.


We specialize in marketing and advertising and attracting the most buyers to our website so that our customers can sell timeshare with ease. With Sell My Timeshare Canada.CA, you can get only high quality, affordable advertising and marketing services.  We make it simple as possible for you to sell timeshare.


*Global advertising & Marketing, timeshare buyers from   more than 30 countries.

*Extensive advertising on Google, MSN & Yahoo and       more!


*Get CASH from the sale of your timeshare and don't     leave it to loved one's.

*Eliminate maintenance fee's for EVER!!!

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We will be happy to answer any questions about selling your timeshare, points or vacation club, and give you a realistic suggestion on pricing based on the resale market. 

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Sell My Timeshare Canada's Management Team

The management team at Sell My Timeshare Canada is comprised of experienced, driven professionals who have built an industry-leading, customer service-centric organization. With over 50 years of experience in the Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Industry, coupled with direct experience in operating several other leading consumer products and service related businesses, management has developed an environment that gauges success based on customer satisfaction first.


Timeshare Professionals

There is no replacement for Expertise and Experience. Simply listing your Timeshare on a website is not enough. Sell My Timeshare Canada strategically places trained, experienced Timeshare sales professionals face-to-face with prospective buyers and sellers, ensuring a high level of transactional opportunities. Our agents are experienced, professional agents with a proven track-record in selling Timeshare. It's truly all we do!


Storefront Exposure

With sales centers in high volume tourist areas, Sell My Timeshare Canada exposes your Timeshare to thousands of vacationers every year, optimizing the opportunity to link Timeshare buyers and sellers together.


Sell My Timeshare Canada is a Global Timeshare Enterprise

Sell My Timeshare Canada is an organization with an unparalleled knowledge of global markets, Timeshare and Vacation Ownership resorts, and Timeshare Resale transfer laws. Whether you're selling a Timeshare, looking for a Vacation Ownership or Timeshare property, or simply want to deal with someone in your own back yard, our aggressive marketing strategies put your Timeshare into the hands of consumers worldwide, with innovative Internet programs, media, and direct mail targeting timeshare buyers worldwide.


We Deliver Market Value Results

At Sell My Timeshare Canada, we are continually researching the Timeshare and Vacation Ownership market, keeping up-to-date on any trends that may affect the value of your Timeshare. No empty promises, no inflated expectations... just a commitment to maximize returns for buyers, sellers and renters.


We Are Here to Service You Long-Term

Our work hasn't ended when a Timeshare Interval is listed; quite to the contrary, that's when it begins. Our Client Care Department provides you with regular updates on the status of your timeshare sale or purchase, and is available at any time to answer any and all of your questions.


Getting started is easy

Whether you have questions about the Sell My Timeshare Canada process, need more information on the Timeshare or Vacation Ownership markets or want to sell your Timeshare, just fill out the short form to get started.

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